July 15, 2015

The Brave Appliance – Workshop


Do you think an object in your everyday life could be more brave? What if it could react outrageously bold to your usage? Or, what if the appliance had a super strong opinion about an event or the state of another object?

These were the questions we asked 50 D&AD New Blood students last week in a 2 hour workshop. Thinking by making at the heart, the students had to build prototypes with the help of LittleBits and perform a pitch for their product. What they came up with in that short time frame was truly amazing. The results ranged from the fun object and pitch of the lie detector headphones; the little crazy evil elevator which makes you face your fears;  to the thought provoking high striker device. Here the user has to put the same power in to turn on the device as that device consumes in electricity. He controls it by a hammer strike, like you see at carnivals.

Overall a really fun workshop to teach and impressive how easily and eager the students are adopting new tools and methods.