The Future of Death

The W.I.R.E

What is the future of death ?

The W.I.R.E is a thinktank in Zurich Switzerland that explores the future. They wanted to create an experience for their exhition in a townhouse in Zurich called the Future is Ours that looks to explore scenarios on the future of life. They approached Hirsch & Mann with a simple question ‘what is the future of death in this digital world we live in’


The result was an installation we titled ‘three reflections’. An individual experience where the participant walks into a room to see what looks like a mirror reflecting themselves back. Very quickly it converts into a fast paced video with graphic images of different stages of life. Finally they are shown the video taken from the mirror stage at the beginning before their image freezes and becomes a negative that shows the pixels slowly disappearing.

the W.I.R.E
November 2014
Zurich, Switzerland
Behind the scenes

“The installation that Hirsch & Mann has put together is probably the installation in the entire exhibition that has the strongest point of view because it actually asks the user to reflect upon these questions …”

Senem Wicki, The W.I.R.E Project Manager