Meet the Greens

Meet the Greens

During London Design Week, we worked with SPACE 10 to educate children about hydroponics and the benefits of locally sourced food for the growth of energy-filled greens through an interactive installation, and a hands-on workshop.


Meet the Greens Installation
Where does our food come from?
What does eating greens do to our body?
Why are some greens happier than others?


‘Meet the Greens’ is a multi-sensory wall that comes to life through sound and light when visitors touch the various plants to hear their stories.


Grow Your Greens Workshop
Children were invited to participate in a playful and educational activity that teaches them how to grow their own take-away plant hydroponically, until it turns into a delicious green. With the help of experts, participants underwent a fun step-by-step journey, from planting seeds to decorating pots.

September 2017