London Tech City

MOMA New York

Where is the next Silicon Valley? Is it Austin, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Santiago Chile, Shengzen or is it London. MOMA are at the bleeding edge of creativity around the world and wanted to celebrate the London Tech City startups and show their fellow Americans how the Brits do it.

One of the unique things about London Tech City is that we act as a supportive community. There is always underlying competition but it is overshadowed by a sense of collective pride in being a part of a great city like London as well as being with like minded people who are also working hard to create something new. We brought that connection alive for 12 amazing startups through using the basic mechanics of electric circuit drawings. Detailing the individual components but also visualising our need to connect as a group to keep the power running through us all.

The London Tech City startups included our own sister DIY gadget company Technology Will Save Us, laser bike light BlazeKano the DIY computer , make music out of anything with Ototo,BleepBleeps the connected devices that help parents, Roli the reimagining of a keyboard , Sugru the moudable glue that will fix anything, The Vamp that transforms any speaker into a bluetooth speaker , the Touchboard from Bare Conductive turning any surface into a digital interface, Vinyl Play from Flexons converts records into digital music and last but definitely not least Visijax smart wearables bicycle jackets keeping us all safe.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOMA)
May 2015
New York, USA
Behind the scenes

‘There’s a renaissance going on, not in Florence or Milan, but in London, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.’

Oliver Williams, PSFK