Engine – The Great Wave

About This Project

Engine – The Great Wave

For the House of Beautiful People’s virtual event ‘The Great Wave’, we designed two generative pieces. The event was an exciting first-of-its-kind festival that connected thousands of people around the world from 16-19 October 2020, exploring ways of reinventing business, organizations, and ourselves.


The first piece, Engine Mirage, is a generative artwork that reveals its algorithm by analyzing real-life imagery and interpreting it, thus painting its own version of reality. Within The Great Wave’s virtual world, the shrine-like structure invites guests to walk around and immerse themselves in the videos of wildlife and their algorithmic interpretations. The result is a blend of complex geometric shapes and organic paint strokes revealing animals in a new reality.


The second piece, Engine Horizon, invites guests to walk up to a swirling staircase for an isolated experience revealing a panoramic view of a sunset scene from afar. The immense view is brought to life through generative brushstrokes, giving the viewer the unique opportunity to see the real world through the eyes of a program.

Waltz Binaire
Experiential Concept Design, 3D Rendering,
Software Design & Development.