Make Music in the Corner Shop

How can Redstripe bring your average corner shop to life ?

Hirsch&Mann collaborated with director Greg Brunkalla,  StinkDigital and KK Outlet to find out just how we could bring to life Redstripe’s heritage in music and DIY culture in a local corner shop in Dalston, East London.

Our aim was to activate the shop and bring it life every time someone chose a Red Stripe from the refrigerator. We used the track “A message to you Rudy” by Dandy Livingstone, as a nod to the Jamaican heritage of Red Stripe. The entire experience was filmed live on the evening of the 27th of October 2012.

Make Music in a Corner Shop was the recipient of a Silver Lion at Cannes 2013 in the Promo and Activation category.


Greg Brunkalla
KK outlet
October 2012

East London, UK



“It’s quite delightful to see customers stare agape as the bottles and brooms start playing the tune of “A Message to You Rudy”.”

Alex Gladwin, Planet Notion


Behind the Scenes