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How do you share top secret research projects in one place ?

Hirsch&Mann collaborated with Squint Opera to create a permanent dynamic art piece to aid in cross pollinating all the different research fellows, as well as share what little information they could with the general public. Weill Cornell Medical College is a biomedical research centre and medical school has thousands of top secret research projects across a wide range of fields from health care policy to all sorts of infectious diseases. As a part of their new development of a high end research facility in New York’s Upper West Side they wanted a permanent art piece that shared all their amazing work.

The process of designing a complete bespoke art piece for the college had to take into consideration a large number of complexities including the secrecy of the research, the shear amount, the huge importance of the donors as well as working within the architects vision of the space. Prototyping was a key language to use that aided in educating all the stakeholders but also take them on the journey of developing the art piece with us as we made each part that acted as a key discussion piece beyond powerpoint or  as the creation of new designs and prototypes were done taking into consideration.

Weill Cornell Medical College
Squint Opera
New York, USA
October 2014
3D Design: The Cross Kings
Electronics: White Wing Logic
Programming: Variable
Optics: Ely Optics
Build & Install: Design Communications Ltd
Future Prototypes and Trends
Media Architecture Biennale 
Awards 2014
CODAawards Design + Art 2015



“It is extensible beyond us by design…you get to make something and watch it get better and better as people add more content over time. That is amazing!”

Daniel Hirschmann



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