#ChuckHack: Internet Connected Hackspace


How do you bring together a group of creative individuals to share their creativity and energy with like minded people?


Hirsch&Mann collaborated with We Like today to create a connected workshop space that combined the get your hands dirty style of old with the futuristic concept of a web connected space that streamed activity live on Google+.
We did this through embedding three connected objects into the space to add to the experience.

Converse & Google Creative Lab
We Like Today 

October 2013
East London, UK

“We challenged creative minds around the world to imagine what could be done, opening up our Chucks to be played with in exciting new ways.”

Kris Crockett, Digital Manager, Converse


1pixel imageThe GIF Booth
A 70′s turntable was converted into a well lit, fully controllable spinning platform. People were invited to place their creations made during the ChuckHacks on top of the turntable and press a big red button to start capturing the GIF and post on the G+ Converse page.



1pixel imageThe LED Ticker
A 6 meters of Live Feed Tickers with software that pulled content from the Converse G+ page and hash-tagged tweets on Twitter from the broader community in real time to the space.

The experience showed the power of blending a physical / web space to bring together creative people to share their amazing creations. What wasnt expected was the connections that chuckhackers made after the event in real life, where a number got together and collaborated on future creative projects.


1pixel imageThe Lampshots
Lamps that included a HD cameras with timelapse that captured images every 8 seconds of people making. The software included title cards, credits as well as compiling the photos into an exact length timelapse of the whole workshop. This then resulted in a summary movie for each ChuckHack workshop being created seamlessly and automatically uploaded to the community page.





Behind the Scenes