March 23, 2015

Michael @ the Innovation Leadership Forum

Michael our Strategy Director was asked to speak at the Innovation Leadership Forum’s regular networking event at law firm Osborne Clark near the Barbican in Central East London last week. The topic was on Innovation and the digital landscape. There was an interesting line up of speakers taking perspectives from local councils with Turnbridge Wells talking about their move into digital services for citizens, a startup called Opun using data to make sure your plumber turns up and delivers what they say.  As well as Lizzy from ThinkNation who is bringing together the talent of tomorrow to use their creativity to help todays problems.

Michael took a different approach and talked about the power of technology away from screens. How the growth of the internet of things in the hands of artists will push boundaries that can help with even some of the most mundane of things in everyday life, like traffic in cities.

The examples he gave included someone just having fun with their dad on the weekend. With this father and daughter team sending a ballon into space. To create technology around simple behaviours like creating a piggy bank out hitting your snooze button and saving money or a dress that senses your heart rate and how close someone is to you and reacts like a spider would. Sensity, an artist using sensors in cities across the world to monitor the emotional sense of a city and what they could look like.