March 23, 2015

glug @ Fabric


Daniel spoke at the biggest London glug yet with around 1000 designers and design enthusiasts heading down to Fabric nightclub. We were lucky to be in the company of a range of different designers, artists and creative people including the guys at Holition showing some great stuff they have been working on for luxury brands. Shed Simove showed by pulling together some great ideas, unique personality and enthusiasm you can get a long way and have a lot of fun as well. Caroline Till from FranklinTill gave a great overview of some key trends. A personal favourite of the studios Moritz Waldemeyer showed us some of his great work.

Daniel talked in more depth about the way we went about thinking + making + delivering Cadbury Joy Jacket as well as the awesome work going on over at our sister company Technology Will Save Us.

Unfortunately we didnt make it into the other room where there was an even bigger line up including Kin Design, Found, Field and Projection Works.

Thanks for having us ..