Care & Share Economy

What is the Care & Share Economy?

There is something to be said about those good old days. You know, those days before the internet? Before global travel was as easy as it is today? When cities were not as swollen with people and opportunities? Because, since then populations in cities have increased and communities like those found in villages and towns have all but disappeared. This combined with an increase in life expectancy and reduction in birth rates in urban centres around the world has resulted in a growing problem of social isolation.

The Care & Share Economy proposes to address this problem by allowing you to earn Care-Credits for the time you share with your community. These credits can then be spent on yourself in the future, or on supporting others that you care about.

The Care & Share concept was developed in Singapore where high density living is the norm. We invite the Future Everything audience to join us in expanding on the idea and testing its global relevance.

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