About us

The future is already here, we just want to evenly distribute it.

We are a design and technology consultancy that explores the future by making physical technology and putting it into the world to gain impact.

Our philosophy of ‘thinking by making’ brings magic into reality by rapidly prototyping ideas to gain evidence on its value. Real world testing evolves ideas and their value with people.

The outcome is supporting our clients to understand the value of physical technology in achieving their goals and make their future a reality.

Our clients and collaborators include
 Beats By Dre
 Golin Harris
 Jason Bruges Studio
 KK Outlet
 Mr President
 MRM Meteorite
 Poke London
 Red Stripe
 Saatchi & Saatchi
 Squint Opera
 Stink Digital
 Technology Will Save Us
 The Future Laboratory
 The Science Museum
 The Victoria & Albert Museum
 Weill Cornell Medical College
 Weir & Wong
 We Like Today
 Wieden Kennedy
 The Whitney Museum of Art
 The W.I.R.E.
 Wolff Olins


How we do it


People’s relationship with technology is often misunderstood. We help organisations learn about the value of physical technology experiences to better understand its purpose in achieving their goals.


A strategy is a hypothesis of what people could do that needs to be explored through experimentation. We use a number of design research techniques to help identify technology and/or people opportunities to create experience hypothesis to fuel our ideas to prototype and learn from.


An idea is an intelligent assumption that an action will have a certain impact on people. We turn our ideas into prototypes to prove that it is technically possible and to better understand the impact the idea will have.


Our process of thinking by making enables us to go beyond the normal and create compelling physical experiences for people. Collaboration is key in the way we make a deliver projects with a wide range of leading partners to bring our work to life.


It is important to reflect on what you have done to learn and also iterate to make it better. We look to measure against the initial experience hypothesis and assumptions that underpinned the idea. Then take those learnings to iterate the physical experience to maintain its relevance.



Our Partners

Technology Will Save Us

We have a close relationship with our sister company Technology Will Save Us a DIY Gadget company teaching 21st century skills including design, coding, electronics and soldering. Hirsch&Mann loves to take those 21st century skills to the extreme.

We both believe in the philosophy of learning by doing so we all get together on Mondays along a big table for lunch to share food and chat about what we’ve all been up to. It seems Lebanese street food is beating pizza at the moment