Kids creating objects of the future!

Kids creating objects of the future!

What would happen if Shipley art Gallery transformed into a time machine and we were suddenly in year 2050? How would objects behave? If it had a personality would it then be angry or sweet? Would the objects have super powers?

These are some of the questions we asked 50 kids at the Shipley Art Gallery, at the Adventures in Design workshop with innovation lab Future Everything. With the biggest imagination and creative minds the kids came up with the most amazing inventions and objects!

Using Littlebits and colourful and glittery craft materials the kids created alive, moving and astonishing objects.Some of the future objects that the kids build themselves ranged from a teapot that would pour tea when you wake up in the morning to two brothers who created hats that gave them the opportunity to send thoughts to each other through time and space.

We were surprised and impressed by the kids imagination and eagerness to learn and build their own future objects.

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