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Discovery Wall – Weill Cornell Medical College

Collaboration, Consult, Hardware, Install, Software.
By Hirsch&Mann and Squint/Opera

The making of the WCMC Discovery Wall. In collaboration with Squint/Opera, we designed and built “The Discovery Wall” – a permanent digital artwork created from thousands of tiny screens and lenses that forms the centrepiece of a major new biomedical research centre recently opened in […]

Imagine Time Machine

Collaboration, Consult, Hardware, Install.

Hirsch&Mann built a DIY Time Machine that allowed people to engage in launching, synthesising, navigating and capturing the possibilities of time travel! The ideas that went into this incredible device were inspired by a workshop with young people at the Southbank. We worked with Technology […]

Google+ Converse Garage

Collaboration, Consult, Hardware, Install, Software.
Photo by Andrew Meredith

Google Creative Lab and Converse collaborated with Hirsch&Mann and We Like Today to create a connected and innovative workshop space for their #ChuckHack events in London. Built on the previous success of the ChuckHack’s that were presented at Cannes in 2013, this new project was […]

Cadbury Joy Jackets

Consult, Hardware, Software, Wearable tech.
Photo by

Hirsch&Mann was delighted to be approached by the PR company Golin Harris to collaborate in creating an interactive, wearable jacket for Cadbury. The project became the “Cadburys Joy Jackets”. A pair of beautifully crafted, meticulously designed, interactive jackets that respond and change as the user eats chocolate. The intention was to amplify the […]

Sony | Xperia Z – Time Sliced Fashion

Collaboration, Consult, Software.
Test Colour Feed

Hirsch&Mann was invited to work with Ryan Hopkinson to help make his beautiful vision of a spiral time slice become a reality with 100 Sony Xperia smart phones. Ryan devised an amazing custom spiral rig to host the phones, below which, a model walked along […]

Siemens Crystal

Collaboration, Consult, Hardware, Install, Software.

Hirsch&Mann were invited to collaborate with Squint Opera on the development of a series of interactive exhibits for The Crystal. This landmark building was purpose built to be the world’s first center dedicated to improving our knowledge of urban sustainability. We created a series of […]

LED Jacket

Collaboration, Consult, Hardware, Software.

Hirsch&Mann was asked to collaborate with Christiane Joy on the design of an LED covered jacket. The real challenge was that we literally had a week to solve it! We were excited to work on such a quick + fun project. Christiane’s vision was around […]

Red Stripe – Corner Store Music

Consult, Hardware, Install.

On the 27th of October 2012, a corner store in East London, UK was transformed into an interactive musical experience. The project was commissioned by Red Stripe and we worked closely with the talented director Greg Brunkalla, Sting Digital and KK Outlet to create a […]

Turing Interactives at the Science Museum London

Collaboration, Consult, Hardware, Install, Product, Software, Teach.

Hirsch&Mann was commissioned by the Science Museum London to build three exhibits that celebrated the legacy of Alan Turing. In 2012, they opened their Codebreaker exhibition in celebration of the centenary of Turing’s birth. The exhibition included a history of his incredible career, including artefacts […]

Nike FuelBand launch SXSW

Consult, Install, Software.

Hirsch&Mann were invited to collaborate on the launch event of Nike’s FuelBand at SXSW 2012. The iconic Spaghetti Warehouse, in downtown Austin, Texas, was taken over and completely redesigned by Tino Schaedler. Part of this design was a bespoke LED wall that felt like being […]

Mind The Future – Smart Box

Consult, Hardware, Product.

MIND THE FUTURE is a publication by Swiss think tank W.I.R.E that summarises, in a file-card format, the most important developments in the economy, demography, society, technology, politics and ecology. Hirsch&Mann was invited to collaboratively transform this boxed publication into a digital object. Our solution […]

BakerTweet v1.5

Consult, Hardware, Product.

BakerTweet is a product developed by Poke London to help busy bakers broadcast their latest hot scrumptious fresh wares to the world. The original project was produced for The Albion Cafe.


Consult, Install.

OffOn is an initiative by Wieden Kennedy to encourage employees to be more mindful of energy consuming appliances – and any money saved will be used to ‘turn on’ an orphanage in Nairobi with solar power.