Siemens Crystal

Hirsch&Mann were invited to collaborate with Squint Opera on the development of a series of interactive exhibits for The Crystal. This landmark building was purpose built to be the world’s first center dedicated to improving our knowledge of urban sustainability.

We created a series of interactive games, generative software installations and a cube made of 13,824 LEDs.

A short film by Squint Opera showing all the exhibits.

The City Icon
The City Icon is a generative artwork which takes center stage in the exhibition space. It demonstrates the ebb and flow of the various qualities of a city, including energy, water, safety and security, health care, the environment and transportation. This 6 meter tall obelisk is visible from outside The Crystal, and hints at the various topics dealt with in the exhibition.

The Cube

Z4-E6 City Shapes from Hirsch & Mann on Vimeo.

The Cube is a 3D display used to visualize city density information. It plays back a 3D video which takes viewers on a journey to understand the various causes and effects that change the shape of cities around the world.

Prevent Fires
Prevent Fires is an interactive game that teaches users about the correct approach to Fire Safety.

The City Monitor
Cockpit_User Interface_V011_Assets_V05_Page_08
The City Monitor demonstrates a way for mayors to review and manage city scale challenges.

The Crystal exhibition space

Client: Siemens
Produced by: Event Communications
In collaboration with: Squint Opera

Hirsch&Mann team:
Daniel Hirschmann
Marcin Ignac
George Profenza
Cristian Baluti
Tom Sloan
Mike Harrison

Process images and videos:

SUSC City Icon – Testing of the LED screen from Hirsch & Mann on Vimeo.

Siemens CityIcon LED screen close up from Hirsch & Mann on Vimeo.