Red Stripe – Corner Store Music

On the 27th of October 2012, a corner store in East London, UK was transformed into an interactive musical experience. The project was commissioned by Red Stripe and we worked closely with the talented director Greg Brunkalla, Sting Digital and KK Outlet to create a series of custom instruments out of the products typically found in a corner store. The instruments ranged from a Food Can Xylophone to the Tetra Pak Maracas. Every instrument had a unique tune to contribute to the overall musical ensemble.

Our aim was to activate the store and bring it life every time someone chose a Red Stripe from the refrigerator. We used the track “A message to you Rudy” by Dandy Livingstone, as a nod to the Jamaican heritage of Red Stripe.

Make Music in a Corner Shop was the recipient of a Silver Lion at Cannes 2013 in the Promo and Activation category.

Download the press release here and High resolution photos from here.

And the making of video…

The musical arrangement created by the various instruments. Each of the individual track elements were used to trigger the motors, solenoids, and lighting.

Each of the instruments in all of their glory

Client: Red Stripe
Director: Greg Brunkalla
Producer: Sting Digital
Agency: KK Outlet

Hirsch&Mann Team:
Daniel Hirschmann
Katrin Baumgarten
George Profenza

Musical arrangement:
Asa Bennett

Huge thanks to the whole Hirsch&Mann + Technology Will Save Us teams for all their support during the build and installation. (Kirsty, Andrew, Matthew, Mike, Chris & Tom)