Nike+ Launch at the Montalban Theatre, LA

During the summer of 2012, Nike launched their Nike+ platform along with new sportswear and devices. The launch took place at the Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles. For this event, a basketball court and experience space was designed and built on the rooftop. A bespoke LED wall was built behind a basketball hoop which was used to mimic the larger than life impact that these products can have on the training of their owners.

This installation was intended to showcase a particular set of shoes that can detect the vertical lift of a person’s jump. Perfect for dunking a basketball! Hirsch&Mann was asked to build the jump detection system and generative visuals based on these jumps. We were able to produce all of this within one week after client sign off. We do love a challenge!

Client: Nike
Producer: Optimist LA
Architecture & design: Tino Schaedler
Electronic backend: Vista Electronics

Hirsch&Mann Team:
Daniel Hirschmann ( Creative Director )
Marcin Ignac ( Programming & Installation )
Carolina Vallejo ( Producer )