Nike FuelBand launch SXSW

Hirsch&Mann were invited to collaborate on the launch event of Nike’s FuelBand at SXSW 2012.

The iconic Spaghetti Warehouse, in downtown Austin, Texas, was taken over and completely redesigned by Tino Schaedler. Part of this design was a bespoke LED wall that felt like being inside of the FuelBand. We developed a bespoke software system which allowed for flexible uses of the space: It functioned as a retail space during the day with ambient visuals; and as a music venue in the evening when a VJ could control the generative graphics.

Our creative approach was to link the energy, activity and excitement of the space with the colour gradient of the Nike FuelBand. During events, the LED colour gradient started with a dim red, and increased in brightness and hue over time towards yellow and then green. By the end of the performance, the interior reached its vibrant climax with the crowds movement effecting the energy that drives the LED animations.

Client: Nike
Producer: Optimist LA
Interior architecture & design: Tino Schaedler

Hirsch&Mann Team:
Daniel Hirschmann (Creative Director / Software prototyping)
Jason Walters (Programming / VJ)