Mind The Future – Smart Box

MIND THE FUTURE is a publication by Swiss think tank W.I.R.E that summarises, in a file-card format, the most important developments in the economy, demography, society, technology, politics and ecology. Hirsch&Mann was invited to collaboratively transform this boxed publication into a digital object.

Our solution was a carefully embedded LCD which transformed the box into a more playful and useful object. It also allowed us to bring the rich content inside of the box to the outside.

The orientation of the box controls what the screen presents – whether its time, time and text, or text and images. We also made sure that the content could be easily updated by the owner of the box. We did this by using a Micro SD card interface that allows the owners to add their own bitmap images to the screen.

We wanted to make sure that the box was powered in a more sustainable and energy-intelligent way. So we chose to use a single USB rechargeable AA battery – very easy to remove, recharge and replace!

A collaboration between Hirsch&Mann and W.I.R.E.

Thanks to:
White Wing Logic
The Cross Kings