LED Jacket

Hirsch&Mann was asked to collaborate with Christiane Joy on the design of an LED covered jacket. The real challenge was that we literally had a week to solve it! We were excited to work on such a quick + fun project.

Christiane’s vision was around an old school denim jacket which would be the perfect attire at a rock concert. We were both excited about the DIY nature of this era, and decided to create bespoke LED covered circuit boards that could be attached to the jacket – in much the same way as jackets like this would be decorated in the past. Applying them to the outfit like studs and other accessories. Her fashion design work is very hands on, and we aimed to maintain this aesthetic with the electronics – exposing a lot of the supporting circuitry.

All of this was connected to software which was written in Processing. Our software was built to easily assign a specific frequency and amplitude range from a sound source to each LED element. We were able to very quickly test and iterate improvements to the LED controls with this software.

A video about the project can be seen here:

Hirsch&Mann Team:
Daniel Hirschmann
Katrin Baumgarten
George Profenza
Andrew Knott