Make a Snowflake Yours

Everyone knows that no two snowflakes are the same, now you can create your own unique 3D snowflake at

The site uses your name to generate a 3D representation of your own snowflake, then you can print it off and build a real-world version. It is a nifty combination of traditional paper craft, a complex algorithm and some new technology.

Hirsch & Mann was invited to collaborate on this magical project over the 2010 festive season. We built an interactive Snowflake Chandelier at TBWA’s Whitfield St Headquarters in London. All the snowflakes were hand crafted and included embedded LEDs which came alive with waves of shimmering light as people walked beneath.

This project was a collaboration between ourselves, TBWA, PostSpectacular and Kathryn Jackson . Video edited by Gabriele Caru.

Make A Snowflake Yours from Hirsch & Mann on Vimeo.

Making A Snowflake

Snowflake Chandelier

Snowflake Chandelier