BakerTweet v1.5

BakerTweet is a product developed by Poke London to help busy bakers broadcast their latest hot scrumptious fresh wares to the world. The original project was produced for The Albion Cafe.

The way it works is simple: If you want to send out a tweet about the latest piping hot bloomers, simply spin the dial until it displays ‘Bloomers’, and press the button. BakerTweet handles the rest! In order to update the tweets and the products, simply log into the content management system, make all the changes you want, and select the Update option on BakerTweet and it will download the latest product list from the server.

Hirsch & Mann worked closely with Poke to develop the next version of this wonderful product – a completely re-engineered version inside and out – resulting in a smaller form factor, more reliable circuitry and extended Wifi range.

BakerTweet 1.5 was shown in the Talk To Me show at MOMA in New York.

BakerTweet v1.5 Demo from Hirsch & Mann on Vimeo.

The original BakerTweet concept video

BakerTweet from POKE on Vimeo.