Engine26 TED Women

Continuing the Engine 26 series of installations, we brought it to the inaugural TED Women conference at the ITDC in Washington.

For this exhibition Engine was presented as a portraiture piece. The screen was taller than it was wide, and the camera was set up to best capture people’s images. Attendees were invited to stand in front of Engine – their movements used to reveal their portraits. Taking the painting metaphor one step further, we used an iPad very much like a traditional painters palette. This was used to select the various algorithmic brushes and change their properties as people were in the process of being painted.

All the finished portraits were automatically uploaded to the web archive found at www.engine26.net. View the gallery to see the thumbnails of the painted portraits.

Some videos of the installation:

This project was made possible with the collaboration of:
AOL Artists
The Whitney Museum
Wolff Olins
Dean Munford – Hirsch and Mann Ltd
Karsten Schmid – Postspectacular
Jerome Rigaud – Electronest